Womens Overtons Neoprene Shorts

Made of 3mm nylon II neoprene with contrasting flatstitch, the high-quality Overtons Neoprene Shorts feature a high-back waist with a fully securable waistband of 3/4" nylon webbing and cam buckle. O-ring legs in these neoprene shorts add to a comfortable fit and prevent water entry. Womens waist sizes: 6 (23"-25.5") , 8 (24"-26.5") , 10 (25"-27.5") , 12 (26.5"-29") , 14 (29"-30.5") .

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Womens Overtons Neoprene Shorts Review

I red all reviews of Womens Overtons Neoprene Shorts, before my purchase and all were positive!

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